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Death Stranding Release Date And News: 2018 Launch Assured As Development Goes “In Full Swing” Next Year?

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After two cryptically exciting trailers, fans are ready for a Death Stranding release date. The new IP from Hideo Kojima looks like a fairly unique game, though it looks hard to understand. Some fans theorized that this is what Silent Hills was supposed to be like, but alas, Konami canned the project.

Recently, Kojima did an interview with IGN and stated that the game will enter development in ?full swing? next year. With this statement, it’s clear that we won’t be seeing Death Stranding for quite some time. Knowing how most of Kojima’s games are though, the wait will likely be worth it.

Release Date Stranding?

While Kojima didn’t reveal a proper Death Stranding release date, he does, however, have plans to launch it before the Tokyo Olympics and the new Akira movie. It’s a cheeky way to be vague, but he is hoping for a late 2018/early 2019 release. Either way, don’t expect it in 2017.

Kojima also praised the Decima Engine in a series of tweets on his?Twitter account. This is the graphical engine that will be used for the game. If the actual gameplay can look as good as the trailer, this will be a very pretty game. The engine was also used for Killzone: Shadowfall and Until Dawn.

If the tweets are related to the game, it looks like space will also be a big part of the game. Considering the amount of sci-fi and World War 2 images, this could make for one interesting title.

More Clues To Come?

Given the vague nature of the Death Stranding?launch date, fans can expect more clues to come soon. A late 2018 release would be one to hope for, though early 2019 seems more likely. Kojima did state that the game would be open-world, which would be hard to make, but beautiful to look at.

Still, there should be enough momentum for the game to build upon before it’s inevitable release. Having big name actors like Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen will definitely lure in some fans. References to the canceled Silent Hills also helps, since gamers really wanted that one to become a reality.

No official Death Stranding release date has been given as of this writing. The game will come out on the PS4.?Since Death Stranding was officially announced, Kojima hasn’t mentioned anything yet about the PC version.?

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