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Death Stranding: Why Hideo Kojima’s Game Might No Longer Launch On PC

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Death Stranding

Older Death Stranding reports have confirmed the game?s PC release. However, recent Death Stranding announcements show no signs of the PC release. Is Kojima?s Death Stranding confirmed to be a PS4 exclusive now?

PC Death Stranding

According to Gamespot last December 2015, Death Stranding has been confirmed to be released for PS4 and PC. The announcement was posted on?Medium. However, the site doesn?t show this information anymore and it now only leads to a broken link when accessed. At this rate, Death Stranding may become a PS4 exclusive unless an official statement reconfirms otherwise.

Things Have Changed?

As seen on a previous Death Stranding interview with Geoff Keighley, most of their discussion talked about the game?s current engine and compatibility with the PS4 Pro. Apparently, Death Stranding will use Guerilla Games? Decima Engine which is also powering?Horizon Zero Dawn. Death Stranding?s Decima Engine will be modified to Kojima?s work. Guerilla Games will also collaborate with Kojima Productions in optimizing and improving the game engine to what the game needs. The promotional footage showed on the shows featured the game running on PS4 Pro, which could excite fans of Death Stranding?s graphics quality.?

Kojima has not yet mentioned the PC version at all since Death Stranding was formally announced. It’s also possible that there has been a lot of changes before Kojima announced his new game. Kojima initially said he would only be developing a “small” game. His decision changed when Guillermo Del Toro told him otherwise.

“?Originally I’d planned to fly a bit low key. I wanted to do an indie game, something on a smaller scale,” Kojima told Red Bull. “But, well, my good friend [film director] Guillermo del Toro said, ‘No Hideo. You can’t do that, people want more and you have to give them a new big game’.”

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Not Yet Tested On PC

Since Kojima hasn?t mentioned the PC platform in the interview, it?s possible that Death Stranding?s release on the PC won?t happen anytime soon. Gamespot?s report confirmed that the PC version will come after the PS4 version launches. However, it?s been a long while since the announcement was made and it needs reconfirmation if it?s still going to push through.

Lastly, the Decima Engine has only been used on PS4 games such as Killzone Shadow Fall Until Dawn, and RIGS. Kojima Productions and Guerilla Games may have to put in some modifications and tweaks if they’re going to port Death Stranding to the PC and this will certainly take time and effort

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