Death Stranding Composer Teases New Snythwave Soundtrack

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Death Stranding sounds great. [Image from Amazon]

While information on Death Stranding remains slim, we might be able to hear some of the game’s music soon. Death Stranding Composer Ludvig Forssel has released a small sample of the anticipated title’s soundtrack, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. Forssel has collaborated with Kojima in the past, which means we might be hearing more beautiful music in this game.

Prior to working on this title, Forssel has also worked on Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and the Phantom Pain. Both games should have just been one title, but the GOTY edition fixed that. Despite the bad reputation Konami got, both games are excellent and are worthy of the Metal Gear name.

The Hills Aren’t Alive, With The Sound Of Music

Since Forssel and Kojima have worked well with each other before, seeing them in Death Stranding should be great. Kojima’s games have always had memorable musical scores and stories, so this game should be no exception, given the hype. Granted, music isn’t the first thing that comes to people’s mind for games, but catchy earworms do have their benefits.

The sample Forssel shared on Twitter is really interesting, sounding like a creepy chase that might take place in-game. With Forssel reportedly scoring the song in Death Stranding’s The Game Awards 2016 trailer, this new track is undoubtedly for the upcoming PS4 exclusive title.

Considering how creepy the game’s setting looks from the trailers, the tense music might be justified in the end. It’s hard to say if the music will fit for other occasions, but it’s a tune that could be memorable. 

Death Sounding

While sounding tense and creepy, there’s also a futuristic vibe to it, which makes sense given the two trailers released.  It’s hard to list down the possible inspirations Forssel might have had, given the lack of details for the game. Still, the music is fitting and should make for a musical treat when the game comes to the PS4. 

The sound of Death Stranding is odd, but it might be more normal than what the gameplay could be. Kojima hasn’t given any indication on the gameplay, with many theories about the controller’s DS4 lightbar being integral. If it’s as intriguing as his previous works, we could have a contender for the games are art argument.

Death Stranding has no release date yet, though it might be shown in next month’s massive E3 event. Until then, all fans can do is speculate on how the game will play. At least we know that it will sound good, great even.

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