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Death Stranding Could Actually Be Metal Gear 6

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Death Stranding

In Hideo Kojima?s Death Stranding interviews, he has repeatedly explained the game?s concepts and title. However, a fan noted that the ?Death Stranding? name could just be a subtitle of the game, similar to how Kojima introduced Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain. It?s possible that ?Death Stranding could actually have an overarching series and is actually Metal Gear 6, even though he has already left Konami.

Death Stranding is a Subtitle

According to VENOM_AWAKENS_GR?s thread on the Death Stranding?subreddit, Kojima could just be hiding the true title of Death Stranding in his interviews. It?s possible that Death Stranding is actually a part of a larger series like Metal Gear or possibly a Sony title. This tactic was similar to how he revealed the Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain where he just kept calling it as ?The Phantom Pain? before its release. At best, fans could investigate which of Sony?s old titles could Kojima be interested in following up. However, Death Stranding?s bizarre visuals may make it difficult for fans to pinpoint which series it could be. Metal Gear 6 could be even out of the possibilities due to its differences in visuals.

Metal Gear 6 Possible?

As of now, Metal Gear 6 might not be the title as Konami still holds the rights to the series. Currently, Konami is working on the ?Metal Gear Survive? game which is set between the events of The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes.?Apparently, the surviving soldiers in the destroyed Mother Base find themselves in another dimension and must defend themselves from some zombie-like creatures. The discussion of philosophy, politics, and military warfare may not be present in Konami?s Metal Gear title, but it?s evident that there is still going to be another Metal Gear game coming soon.

Unless Kojima and Konami want to surprise us, Death Stranding doesn?t seem to be a subtitle for Metal Gear 6. For some gamers,?Kojima’s game could actually be Konami’s cancelled Silent Hills considering the game’s creepy atmosphere and the fact that it also stars Norman Reedus. Some believe that Kojima was simply highly influenced by these games.?

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Death Stranding so far

Death Stranding is yet to get any gameplay reveals yet, and the only two trailers show some world building. Apparently, Kojima?s next game heavily involves aquatic animals, electrical cords connecting people, military presence, infants, and a black liquid. However, Kojima has heavily prepared for this game and even revealed that the Death Stranding development will be in full swing this 2017. At best, we may hear about Death Stranding?s progress at a major event this 2017 like E3.

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