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Death Stranding Idris Elba Casting, Norman Reedus As Adam Plot, And Other ‘Leaks’ Could Be Real

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The debate surrounding Death Stranding continues to intensify. Hideo Kojima?s upcoming game has been the source of many fan theories since its reveal earlier this year. Every corner of the internet is filled to the brim with people claiming to know the real story behind the game?s cryptic plot and mysterious setting. Some possible spoilers follow, so be warned.

Death Stranding Leak Controversy Deepens

Most of the speculation stems from a 4Chan thread that popped up in September. Its creator, a user named DelTacomember, claimed to be a member of Kojima-collaborator Guillermo Del Toro?s inner circle. The thread makes some bold claims: It correctly outed the involvement of Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen months before his official reveal at The Game Awards 2016. The thread also claims that Kojima is targeting other Hollywood stars like Idris Elba and Ryan Gosling for roles in the game.

On the plot side, DelTacomember says that Death Stranding has many biblical themes. Norman Reedus? character is supposedly named Adam while the game?s antagonists are Angelic beings named ?Ludens.?

Much of the community is debating whether this 4Chan thread can be trusted or not. Recently, a YouTuber named YongYea posted a video debunking many of DelTacomember?s claims. He says that Mikkelsen?s involvement was already heavily rumored before the?4Chan thread was created. He also points to a tweet from Kojima Productions? Twitter account which said that the ?Adam? claim was false.

In response to this video, a user on Reddit named SonsofChico posted his own rebuttal to YongYea. He says that it?s too early to write off the 4Chan post as fake and claims that the video is nothing more than sensationalist clickbait. You can check out his argument?here.

Death Stranding is still a long way away from release, so we can expect debates like this to continue well into next year. What?s your take on the matter?

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