Death Stranding Gameplay: What We Know So Far From Hideo Kojima’s New Genre?

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Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding is said to be a game of a new genre. Due to Kojima’s vague announcements, fans may be confused about Death Stranding’s overall gameplay. Here’s what we know so far.


According to Kojima in the Sony E3 press conference interview, as reported by IGN, he may focus on conceptual ropes in video gaming. Similar to the game’s trailer, Kojima is still cryptic with his reveals about the upcoming game. Kojima said that while players mostly have sticks to use in most video games, in Death Stranding, players will have ropes to use.

It’s possible that in the game, players may always have to rely on tools in conjunction with something else like the equipment, weapon or another player. Alternatively, players may have access to a set of far-reaching tools and be able to keep something from what the ropes snag in the game.

Figuratively, the ropes approach may just be Kojima’s vague way of saying that he’ll play with the video game media’s basic concepts to deliver Death Stranding?s gameplay, as players idiomatically ?learn the ropes? of the game. Kojima talked about it in concepts, so players may only understand it once the next Death Stranding gameplay reveal shows more about the game.

New Genre

Kojima has also confirmed that Death Stranding will be a game of a ‘new genre which means it may surprise players. While most players have encountered fresh takes on concepts from both the indie scene and AAA developers, Kojima teased that the game will be special and truly intriguing. Due to Kojima?s vague reveals about the game and its experimental aura, players may really be up for a genre-defining experience from Kojima Productions and Sony.

Possible Third Person Point of View

In a Famitsu interview translated by Siliconera, Kojima said that players who have played The Division and Uncharted may enjoy this upcoming game from Kojima Productions. Both Ubisoft and Naughty Dog games are good third person shooters with their own brand of action. If Kojima sticks with such concept, we may have an experimental game with a third-person point of view coming our way, much like most of his former Metal Gear titles with Konami. Additionally, a third-person shooter is perfect for the appearance of Norman Reedus in the upcoming game.

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