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Death Stranding Gameplay: Graphics To Look Similar To PSX 2016 And E3 2016 Trailers?

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Death Stranding Gameplay

Recently, Kojima Production?s Hideo Kojima confirmed that the PlayStation Experience footage was run on a PS4 Pro. Potentially, the Death Stranding gameplay in the actual game may actually look as good as this trailer. Will Death Stranding have graphics as seen on its promotional trailers?

4K Resolution

In Kojima?s Twitter account, he confirmed that the trailer used the PS4 Pro and had 4K resolution. The trailer featured more defined faces and detailed skins for its characters.

Promotional Cutscene Quality?

Potentially, the Death Stranding gameplay may just have similar graphics with the game?s trailers. The game engine for Death Stranding was also used for Killzone Shadowfall, RIGS, and Until Dawn. The latter game had highly detailed faces, which can be seen on NeoGAF user?Wishmaster92?side by side images with Kojima’s latest game.

The creator of Decima Engine, Guerilla Games, previously said their Decima Engine has already made “quantum leaps” in terms of progress in the past few years. If this keeps up, Death Stranding could potentially be one of the few games where the promotional material actually matches with the actual game. Mostly, players often just watch trailers to know the game?s setting, feel and gameplay. Most trailers also do not represent the final build of the game and are still subject to changes before the game?s release.?

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Defined Faces

At most, the upcoming Death Stranding game will have defined faces of the game?s characters. So far, Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen?are part of the game?s cast. The likeliness Guillermo Del Toro was also used in the latest trailer and fans immediately recognized him.?

A lot of things can still change as the game’s release date might still be far off.?Even if Kojima Productions is currently capable of running the game with this kind of graphical quality, it’s possible they’ll have to scale it down if it interferes with the game’s performance. It’s also possible this is only representative of what the in-game cutscenes will look like.

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