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Source: “Emma Stone is in Death Stranding leaked image , could be fake” thread in NeoGAFLink:

Recently, an image of actress Emma Stone (La La Land, Zombieland) has appeared on gaming forums. Stone’s eyes in the image are tearing up with black liquid which were also seen in the Death Stranding characters in previous trailers. Potentially, Emma Stone may be in the upcoming Kojima Productions-Sony game if this leak proves true.

Stone In Death Stranding

Fans on NeoGAF have discussed this Death Stranding Emma Stone image leak. Like Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Star Wars: Rogue One), Stone’s supposed character also wears a military uniform and has her eyes leaking with black liquid. Apparently, this alleged leaked image have circulated on other forums like 4chan and Reddit. However, no recent trailers or official announcements have confirmed her role in Death Stranding.

Kojima’s Project

As of its trailers, Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game will have Hollywood actors as part of its character cast. So far, Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo Del Toro have been seen in its trailers. Most of the Death Stranding plot is still a mystery, which means the game can potentially have more characters soon.

La La Land

Kojima’s fans know that this Metal GearDeath Stranding director is a huge movie buff. As seen on his Twitter, Kojima has posted about recent movies like Kong Skull Island and Beauty and the Beast. Some fans may see it as his way of hinting at actors who will make their way into Death Stranding. If this type of mindset is to be followed, Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson may also be hinted as possible characters in the game.

However, unlike his other posts on Twitter, one of the tweets that piqued fans’ interest the most was when Kojima placed both a La La Land vinyl and Death Stranding Vinyl alongside a few light bulbs. Kojima also tweeted about La La Land multiple times in January. Potentially, Kojima may have set his sights on the movie’s lead cast to take in for his game. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the main stars in La La Land.

Death Stranding so far

Currently, neither Kojima Productions nor Sony has announced any obvious reveals in Death Stranding. Most Death Stranding reveals featured bizarre visuals without any informative narration about its story. Additionally, Kojima has discussed this game vaguely and focused on discussing its concepts rather than key information like story and characters.

For now, fans will have to wait for the next official announcement to know if Emma Stone is part of the Death Stranding cast. Fans will also have to trust Kojima’s direction of this series as not much is still known after its reveal last E3 2016. Stay updated with more Death Stranding news here on TheBitBag.

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