Death Stranding E3 2017 Presentation Might Feature Female Lead

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Death Stranding might unveil it’s female lead soon. [Image from Amazon]

Of all the games that might be getting showcased at E3 this year, few have the anticipation of Death Stranding. Despite little being known about the game, Hideo Kojima’s involvement is enough for fans to get interested in the title. It seems like Kojima might have just hinted at a possible spoiler for the game, hinting at the female protagonist.

Kojima recently tweeted some of the motion capture material used for the game, including the facial technology for a woman. Due to this, many have assumed that we will see the game’s female lead in the big show next month. Who this character is remains a mystery, but it looks like it could be Stefanie Joosten, who Kojima worked with.

More Celebrity Involvement?

Prior to the rumors about Stefanie Joosten, some fans were hoping to see Emma Stone in Death Stranding. There was even a “leaked image” of her, which ended up being a screencap from a makeup video on YouTube. It just so happened that the woman in the video looked a bit like Emma Stone, so that was it.

Joosten’s involvement seems more possible, when she stated that she couldn’t comment on her status with the game. The Facebook page of Mads Mikkelsen even shared a report about Joosten’s possible involvement, which made it even more likely. Since many fans loved her as Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5, they won’t have any problems seeing her here.

E3 Reveal?

The biggest gaming show of the year is one month away, so Death Stranding will likely make an appearance. Many fans are hoping that we will actually see gameplay this time, while some want clarification on the story. Either way, it’s getting plenty of positive buzz from fans and should be an interesting game when it comes out.

Right now, it’s hard to say who the playable character is, though some theories say it’s the handcuffs players will control. E3 2017 would be a great place to make the announcement on gameplay, or maybe even introduce a gameplay video. We’re a month away from finding out, so fans should stay tuned and see what the game will be like.

Death Stranding is going to be a PS4 exclusive from Hideo Kojima and will come out before the Tokyo Olympics and the new Akira film. In the meantime, fans can check out Metal Gear Solid 5 on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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