Death Stranding E3 2016: New Hideo Kojima Game Shares Themes With Metal Gear Solid? Guillermo Del Toro Not Yet Involved

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Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima?s Sony console exclusive game, Death Stranding, was recently revealed in the Sony E3 show. This game will be Kojima Productions? first game outside of Konami and it will star Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead TV show and the cancelled Silent Hills game. Despite the game?s confirmation, the trailer only showed abstract scenery and very few hints on its story. Here?s a video from GameSpot showing the upcoming Kojima Productions game.

As seen in the video, the character of Reedus wakes up on a shore filled with dead sea creatures and finds a newborn baby with him. However, the video implies that the upcoming game?s genre is horror or psychological thriller due to the baby suddenly disappearing after Reedus holds it. There are also tons of dead fishes and walruses around him as well as five floating figures in the sky. The video easily confuses the viewer due to the lack of dialogue and scenery, which evokes either a reality or fantasy setting for Death Stranding.

Due to the color of the footsteps in the sand, some fans speculate that Death Stranding may feature a theme about humanity?s damages to the environment, similar to the older Metal Gear entries. The footsteps and hand marks fill up with a liquid similar to the color of crude oil and could mean that an oil spill killed all sorts of aquatic creatures around Reedus.

Many assumed that Kojima would team-up with Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro for the game, however, Del Toro?s name wasn?t on the credits roll at the end of the trailer. Kojima also told presenter Geoff Keighley that Del Toro is not yet involved with the project. ?For the time being, no we are not collaborating with Guilldermo Del Toro,? Kojima said via a translator.

Previously, Konami?s Silent Hills was strongly hyped due to Kojima, Reedus, and Del Toro?s involvement in the project. In the long run, Konami dropped the project, to the disappointment of most Silent Hill and Konami fans. This started the drama between Kojima and Konami, which led to Kojima leaving the company, establishing his own game studio, and getting a partnership with Sony for a PS4-exclusive game project.

We?ll have to wait and see the upcoming game?s offerings on its release or watch out for more trailers and interviews to help us understand Death Stranding?s story and gameplay.

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