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Death Stranding Devs Impress Guerilla Games

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Hideo Kojima is one of the most respected game developers in the industry, and it’s why many fans are excited for his studio’s new IP Death Stranding. Seems like it isn’t just fans impressed with Kojima, as Guerilla Games have complimented Kojima Productions, which says something. Guerilla Games did make Horizon Zero Dawn after all, which is one of the PS4’s best games and a huge success, showing that fans also want new IPs.

During a Q and A with Michiel van der Leeuw, the Technical Director of Guerilla Games, he pointed out how the company’s collaboration with Kojima Productions left an impression. “They did put a lot of stuff on our agenda,” van der Leeuw said during the Q&A. “Like we had this lighting system, and one of the guys their – and as I’ve said, they’re very thorough – says ‘I made a reference render of your lighting system, and something if divided by pi here in this code. Could you explain to me what that is?’ And we were like, ‘whoops!’”

“If you’re making an engine … you don’t very often work so intensely with other people who are of the same skill level- or better, in this case. They have different ideas, they’re used to different things, and they want to get to the bottom of why it’s not what they expect. So it’s also really refreshing to get different eyes on your own work,” van der Leeuw said as reported by Gaming Bolt.

This should raise the hype for Death Stranding even more, since it’s clear that the developers of the game know what they’re doing. While fans are trying to untangle plot and gameplay details, it’s good to see other acclaimed developers praise the studio for it’s efforts.

Death Stranding will be released on PS4 before the Akira movie and the Tokyo Olympics. Horizon Zero Dawn is available now, with it’s standalone expansion Frozen Wilds set for release later this year.

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