‘Death Stranding’ Declared as Hideo Kojima?s Best Work So Far?

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The latest teaser video of Death Stranding?by Hideo Kojima is absolutely stunning yet equally eerie. With no clear resemblance to any of the existing video games of this generation, would you trust Kojima when he says that Death Stranding?is his best work yet? The video game was introduced at the recent E3 2016 event and as expected, a flurry of questions went down the mill. See the trailer below:

What was Norman Reedus doing being naked on the beach and apparently connected to the umbilical cord of a newborn baby? What?s the sea of dead fish meant to be when he stood up to survey his surroundings and what did the black handprint of a giant and a baby mean for the whole video? It?s confusing in a way that gamers will likely want to consider discovering and when you ask game developer Kojima about the Death Stranding,?he would say it?s his best work so far.

Kojima, however, expressed his doubts about it prior to the E3 2016 event. He thinks about how fans will accept his next project after ?Metal Gear Solid.? In his interview, he said ?We were nervous, could barely sleep, I couldn’t even tweet that I was going to E3.” It was a total blackout for fans and spectators; the only time he was confirmed to be at the E3 2016 event was when he attended the screening of Nicolas Winding Refn’s ?The Neon Demon.?

Collaborating with Mark Cerney has definitely brought Kojima the edge as he strongly believes their work will succeed. He said ?I’m very confident that we’re working towards something completely new and that no-one has seen so far. This will be my best work so far, I’m very confident about that.”


Kojima also lauded Cerney for giving him the flexibility to do his work without giving up on current projects in line. ?So far, when I’ve been making games, I’ve had to give up on something or at least compromise on something in order to get things done,? he added.

Are you also confident that Kojima?s next project is greater than his previous one? Make sure to get the latest update on Death Stranding?here on

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