Death Stranding: Bigger Than Any Metal Gear Solid Game?

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Death Stranding

Recently, Death Stranding Director Hideo Kojima explained in an interview why he chose Sony out of the many companies that are interested to collaborate with him on his first game after he left Konami. Kojima noted that working with Sony will allow him more creative freedom and funding for the upcoming game. Will this enable Death Stranding to be a bigger and better game than any of Kojima?s Metal Gear entries with Konami?

According to the French video game news site Gameblog, Kojima revealed that he received many collaboration offers for Kojima Productions? next game, but he opted for Sony out of all of them. Kojima chose Sony because of his good relationship with the company and the fact that it gives him confidence and creative freedom. Additionally, Kojima noted that they may have to search for funding if he worked with another company than Sony for his upcoming game.

Previously, it was rumored that Konami accused Kojima of overspending on his projects, so they had to let him go. Despite Kojima?s reported overspending, he was able to make the Metal Gear series into one of the company?s strong games that kept them relevant in the video game industry. Konami?s notable titles include Castlevania, Suikoden, Silent Hill and Metal Gear. Most of these famous games have pachinko units themed after the series right now. Konami has shifted heavily into the pachinko industry, with the yearly Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series as their only AAA video game release as of now.

Kojima?s last game with Konami, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, was reportedly rushed as there was allegedly a large chapter in the game that didn?t make it in the release. The rumored missing chapter was supposed to offer a fitting conclusion for Kojima?s last Metal Gear Solid game, but it had to be cut off due to development constraints.

Perhaps Sony may have allotted a large amount of budget for Kojima?s project as they allowed him to present a bizarre game trailer with no gameplay and feature Hollywood actor Norman Reedus in it. This short trailer has even ushered fans to decode clues found on the game?s promotional images.

Meanwhile, Polygon recently reported about Kojima?s tweets about Death Stranding, which revealed that the game will be classified as an entry to a ?new genre.? We can only wait and see what Kojima and his team?s experimental video game will be like once we get non-cryptic updates from Kojima.

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