Death Note Movie: Will The Film Benefit From An R-Rating?

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Death Note movie producer Roy Lee thinks that the film adaptation must be rated R. This news was met with negative reception because a part of the audience pie is 17 years old and below. In addition, restricting the movie for mature audience may not benefit Warner Bros. because ticket sales will be limited to a certain demographic.

If this decision is really final, then the studio probably did not consider the ticket sales. Escapist Magazine states that the early revelation of the movie rating is due to fans? interest in it. However, when Lee confirmed that Death Note Movie is definitely for adults, some fans were obviously disappointed.

Fans know that the famous manga classic has a very dark and grim theme. Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata were so explicit with the manga?s narrative and death scenes. There are a handful of fans that are particular about such aspect of the manga, and Lee has promised that his team will not ?tone this macabre story down.? Thus, it seems necessary to give the film an R rating.

As mentioned, there are those who expressed their disagreement with the movie rating. Fans shared their sentiments in several discussion boards like Reddit. A Reddit user said that the Death Note movie doesn?t have to be bloody and gory when rendering the important deaths in the film.

There are also others who think that while the themes and some scenes are not suitable for young audience, the company and guidance of their parents can actually help. It was suggested that the Death Note movie be given a PG-13 rating instead, which will reportedly be a win-win solution for fans and the studio.

According to SlashFilm, Adam Wingard, who is the director of the movie, is known for Rated-R films and has exceptional talent when it comes to such genre. Based on the report, it would be a waste of Wingard?s talents if he won?t maximize his skills in making the Death Note movie meant for adults.

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