Death Note Movie Release Date & Plot: Film Will Be Rated-R, Here’s Why

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The upcoming live action Hollywood movie adaptation of the hit anime and manga will be receiving a mature rating.

It has been reported that the planned Hollywood movie of Death Note will be getting a Rated-R, meaning it will be gruesome and violent and of course, not suitable for children. However the supposed Death Note live-action movie is still in the planning process, and there has been no sign of any green light for the said movie to start its production. It has been reported that they might eventually start shooting for the movie this year.

The said report was based on the interview by Collider to film producer Roy Lee at DICE 2016, Lee explained that director Adam Wingard ?is currently waiting for us to officially greenlight the movie, but we have a cast in place. I think it?s been reported but I don?t remember yet, I?d have to check the site, so I don?t want to say anything yet. But it?s a movie we?re planning on making this year.?

As for the confirmation of the movie being Rated R, when Collider asked about the target audience for the Death Note movie, Lee responded ?It?s definitely for adults. It is zero chance it will be below an R-rating…will be one of the first manga adaptations that feels very grounded but still has fantastical elements.?

The Death Note live action movie has already been in the works for half a decade, after it was first announced in 2011, Shane Black first took charge as director but then dropped out and Adam Wingard replace him for the position. The movie will be based on the popular anime/manga where it focus on a young man who accidently holds the Death Note, where whoever?s name is written on the note will eventually die. It has already spanned a series of live action movies in Japan and was a success in that area, looks like Hollywood wants to recreate the success for the Western audience.

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