Death Note Movie: Nat Wolff To Play Yagami Light, Japan Live Adaptation Release Date Set For 2016

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A live adaptation of a non-Japanese Death Note movie will see Paper Towns lead actor Nat Wolff play the role of Yagami Light. Is this 20-year-old actor up to stuff to play the role of an ordinary student turned vigilante?

According to Variety, Nat Wolff is already in final negotiations to star as Yagami Light in Death Note, a popular manga and anime series which has also spawned two live adaptation movies in Japan. After acting in coming of age movies, is Wolff ready to star in a dark movie?


No details have been confirmed if the film will remain faithful to its source material, however, fans can be assured that the producers of Warner Bros? film are the ones who adapted the Japan live action Death Note movie.

In the manga and animated series, a young and bright boy named Light discovers a supernatural book that grants him the ability to kill people by simply writing their names on the pages. He can also write exactly how the person will die.

Despite crime plummeting after Light?s efforts to eradicate criminals, the police weren?t pleased after innocent lives were also lost. Some were also hesitant with the idea of someone acting like a God who has the ability to decide who should die. The story leads to a battle between two geniuses as a wise private detective named L hunts down Light.

The movie will be executive produced by Doug Davison and Brian Witten while Niija Kykendall and Nik Mavinkurve will oversee the film, Variety reported. The production will reportedly start next spring.

Japan Live Adaptation

A new live adaptation with a tentative title ?Death Note? will hit Japan in 2016. This film will feature an entirely new story and will serve as a sequel to the previously released movies ?Death Note? and ?Death Note: The Last Name?, Cross Map reported.

According to Realty Today, the film will center on a new protagonist who has inherited the DNA of Light. A successor of L will hunt down the new anti-hero.

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