Death Note Film Adaptation to Lead the Way for More Anime Crime Dramas

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With its live action debut on Netflix, the Death Note film adaptation could obtain another round of success. Fans could expect to see more mysteries from the cop procedural anime series.

There are a number of murder mystery series in the West, but the same is not true as far as anime is concerned. Some examples of these are the whodunits Murder, She Wrote and Poirot and Criminal Minds. Death Note can inspire more anime crime drama to come.

It?s not that there aren?t plenty of good ones. One of the best we have is Monster. It follows the life of a popular brain surgeon who chooses to save a little boy. He saved him over the mayor and unintentionally causes a thread of murders that shiftily point to the little boy. Then there is Gosick. It is an adorable Sherlock and Watson series. It features a young girl who solves case after case. She is accompanied by her kind assistant as she does her sleuthing. These two series are examples of murder mysteries.

Death Note has continually attained success over the years. Ten years after it was first released, it continues inspire more creators to learn from its journey. The manga was released thirteen years ago. It just makes us truly happy that we have followed it.

Meanwhile, things are gradually falling into place for the much awaited Death Note film. It has been stated that Willem Dafoe is all set to lend his voice to Ryuk.

According to reports, Dafoe will bring the bored Shinigami to life in the American version of the hit Japanese manga. Fans of the original iteration of the story had fallen in love with the character because of his ability to drop the mysterious Death Note. It is a notebook that lets anyone kill anybody. They just had to know the name and face of the person to be killed.

The American Death Note film adaptation has been the talk of the town even before the project formally kick-started. Fans who have loved the original series are just too excited to let more people know about the story of Death Note.

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