Death Note Cast Spotted Filming in Vancouver?

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If you have been a fan of the ‘Death Note’?manga even long after it released its final volume, this might be the perfect time to reminisce the whole thing as shooting for the live-action adaptation of the manga series has been spotted recently.

The American adaptation of the manga ‘Death Note’, which includes Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers) as Misa Aname, Keith Stansfield (Straight Outta Compton) as L, Nat Wolff (The Fault in Our Stars) as Light Turner, Shea Whigham as James Turner and Paul Nakauchi as Watari, were spotted shooting in Vancouver.

The scene involves L looking like he?s briefing the police squad, and looks like it was literally taken in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Photo: Anime News Network

Photo: Anime News Network

Previously scheduled to film in Seattle, the filming of ‘Death Note’?manga?s live-action adaptation has been transferred to Vancouver. The film, which was acquired by Netflix after Warner Bros. failed to renew its rights, is set to be released in 2017. ?

The ?Death Note? manga has been very popular in Japan, not only because it follows the culture of prominent, historic manga presence in the country, but also for the ‘Death Note’ storyline itself. According to Comic Book Resources, not less than two students per year get in trouble because they tried visualizing and putting to action the ?Death Note? series. The act is so severe that the manga was banned in the United States, Russia and China.

The ?Death Note? manga is about a highschool student who finds a notebook full of supernatural powers. Whoever’s name is written on the notebook will get killed. Light Yagami, the main character in the manga, will use the power of the notebook to visualize the future and use it to terminate those he thinks needs to be removed from society.

There have been instances where, the manga series alone warns the reader of how powerful the notebook is, such as when a character declared ?If you had been a normal person, and had used this notebook once out of curiosity, you would have been surprised and scared of what had happened, regretted what you would have done, and never used the notebook again.”

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