How to Deal With Cyber Bullies

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Cyberbullying is intentionally and repeatedly hurting someone using technology. There are many forms of cyberbullying. It may include abusive texts and emails, offensive messages, photos or videos and nasty online gossip and chat. Some people take cyberbullying to extreme levels; they even create mean websites and social networking pages or profiles to post hurtful remarks about a certain person.

This is a reality that is rampant nowadays. How should one deal when this happens to them?

  • Talk to someone you trust straight away.

Unfortunately, victims of bullying are afraid to tell others about their experiences. Don?t be! The first way to avoid these circumstances is by simply seeking the help of other people. Tell your parents, siblings, other family members, teachers, friends, or someone you trust.

  • Be detailed about the incident and collect evidence.

Be very specific about what you have experienced. If you can, show the proofs of bullying to the person you consulted. Keep the texts, emails and chat messages; it is better if you print them out. Narrate what truly happened and do not leave a detail behind.


  • Do not retaliate or fight back.

If you respond to the bullying, they might use it against you. Do not fight back. Face the bullies the right way.

  • Report the abuse.

Some forms of bullying can be considered harassment. When this happens, do not hesitate to make a complaint to the police. Even if the people who are doing the abuse online are using fake names or in anonymous, they can still be traced because the firm which hosts the website will keep logs which detail where uploads have been made from. You cannot access this information, but the police can.

  • Remember that this is not your fault.

Don?t blame yourself. It is not the victim?s fault that he/she is being bullied. No one deserves to be bullied.


Now, what if the situation was the other way around? What if your friends were the one being abused? Do these:

  • Don?t join in.

If you know that what they are doing is offensive, don?t comment on the post, video or picture. Bullying is a lot worse when it?s not just one person doing the deed.

  • If you can, call on their bullying and ask them to stop.

Talk to the bullies and kindly tell them that what they are doing is hurtful.

  • If they do not listen to you, report the bullying.

Talk to people who you know can help the victim. Bullying will only stop if it is given proper attention.

  • Support your friend.

Let your friend, the victim, know that you are there for him/her.


Nobody likes to be bullied. This situation does not necessarily happen to everyone, but it still does happen to some people. Stand up against bullying. Do not be a bully.

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