?Deadpool? vs ?The Walking Dead? Rick Grimes In Epic Face-off! (Watch)

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Deadpool aka Wade Wilson, and The Walking Dead star Rick Grimes fight against one another as both stars have conflicting ideologies shown in this mashup in the YouTube video called ?The Walking Deadpool.?

Grimes engages the merc with the mouth in a conversation, convincing him to end his ways of slaughtering people.

Rick Grimes: We don?t kill the living

Deadpool: Daddy needs to express some rage

Grimes however seems to have lost hope on changing Deadpool?s ways.??Your way is gonna destroy this place. It?s going to get people killed?and I?m not going to stand by and just let it happen,? Grimes said and immediately fires his gun and shoots a hole through Deadpool?s arm.

You can watch the entire video below but be wary of violence, gore, and cursing.

What Did I Watch?!

?The Walking Deadpool? video used footages from the Deadpool Red Band trailer as well as footage from several seasons from the Walking Dead series, Cnet reported.

Deadpool fighting against zombies is not for from happening as a comics called ?Night of the Living Deadpool? released in 2014 where the merc wakes-up from a food coma only to find out that the world is already filled with zombies.

?Can the Merc with the Mouth avoid becoming the Merc in their Mouths,? the Marvel comic synopsis says.

A few users on Twitter seem to have enjoyed the uniquely put mashup especially from the contrasting rare Marvel Humor of Deadpool from the grim tone of The Walking Dead.


More Mashup!

The video was released by David Elmaleh. He has also created other mashups like the ?The Hunger Game of Thrones: Jon Snow Must Die? which is a mashup of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer ?and several scenes from Game of Thrones.

Here, Katniss Everdeen unites the people to fight against Snow: ?Nothing is safe while Snow is alive? He corrupts everyone and everything,? Katniss says.

Elmameh also created a non-mashup parody with ?Enemies?, which shows a re-imagined opening credits for ?Friends?. The video replaces the popular ?I?ll be there for you? theme song with a menacing music and mixes several scenes with the group hurting one another.

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