Deadpool vs Punisher: Humor vs Humorless and Gun vs Gun

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Deadpool vs. Punisher

Fans have known Deadpool, Wade Wilson, as the wisecracking talkative mercenary, and The Punisher, Frank Castle, as the humorless killing machine. Now what happens when they start shooting at each other?

Well, we’re going to find that answer as Marvel announces its new series, Deadpool vs Punisher.

What does Deadpool vs Punisher have up its sleeve?

Fred Van Lente and Pere Perez reunite once more to create the five-issue series Deadpool vs Punisher. The story involves Punisher taking on an entrepreneur named The Bank that happens to be one off Deadpool’s best friends.

That should be enough to start a very violent fight involving a lot of guns, grenades and whatever they have up their sleeves.

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Deadpool and The Punisher have been members of the Thunderbolts and have never really gotten along with each other. Wade thinks Frank is too serious and old fashioned while Frank thinks Wade’s healing has made him annoying, careless and useless.

Deadpool vs. Punisher

In a post by Comicbook.com, Van Lente ensures fans that the story, ‘Bullet to the Brain,’ will be a classic ultraviolent super-crime tragi-comedy kind of story. Van Lente also explains that The Bank is a character that has existed in the Marvel Universe from the shadows for decades.

This could be a hint to more sequels after this Deadpool vs Punisher series.

Who would most likely win?

What we can do in the meantime is speculate who would win. Frank Castle has been known to be a master strategist and is very much capable of killing anyone, or everyone if needed.

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Wade Wilson, on the other hand, has healing factor that practically makes him invincible, lots of weapons and of course, no fear of dying.

The Deadpool vs Punisher matchup will surely be an epic one as well since it could both be hilarious and serious at the same time. The outcome of who wins will have to wait until the release of the first issue which will be on April 2017.

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