Deadpool Review: Chimichangas And Stuff (Part 2)

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The first scene of Deadpool shows Wade already masked and classy, stylish and brutal. He goes on murdering a number of armed men during a highway pursuit that would play as very violent and generic if it weren?t for director Tim Miller?s and Reynolds extra effort to convey Deadpool?s very childlike and very distinct character. You might see him looking and talking at the camera a bunch of times, but that?s where the movie stands out. It becomes a bit personal in a way and it would look like he is really talking to you as a comic fan.

The self-styled catchphrase: ?Maximum Effort! Is just too funny even if I say so myself. Deadpool?s interpretation is more or less the best thing ever. This includes every conceivable and ridiculous idea they had for Deadpool while he was in the comic. The film is at times hilarious and at times very intense, but the good and the bad of Deadpool is how little the film seems to care about appealing to audiences, you either laugh or the joke or not. It is your choice, even if the film is absolutely going to make you laugh your ass off. It?s just the best possible interpretation of the source material, in all its violence and vulgarity and badass hero cliche.

The film also gets away with the excessive violence of the source material?s most brutal scenes, this includes decapitations and skewerings along with the punchlines. Most of the film?s introduction takes place during a flashback as Deadpool slowly skewers a man, and the aforementioned highway murder scene. Not only is the whole movie fun to watch and funny, it also has great action scenes. We won?t spoil much for you but what we can do say is it is so bloody violent you?ll love it. However, we don?t recommend bringing your kids to watch the movie (even if they can?t, we are telling you just in case you have evil plans). Kids tend to mimic everything they see on a big screen and Deadpool is by far ?NOT? a role model of any kind.

By now you might have realized that I super-duper loved the movie and there is no reason you shouldn?t watch it. If you want a superhero movie, with a touch of funny and bunch of bloody scenes then this is a perfect way to spend your Valentine?s day.

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