Deadpool Movie Update: Plot To Still Include Those From Leaked Script, Origins Angle Considered?

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Deadpool is on his way to cinemas and a few lucky people had the opportunity to drop by the Deadpool set while filming and huge chunk of details were collected from the cast and crew that will have you drooling for so much more. And as promised by the filmmakers, the movie will definitely be taking Deadpool to another level of rated-R films.

Here are some of the important tidbits of information Collider collected during the film:

Deadpool references X-Men Origin: Wolverine by breaking the fourth wall and making fun of it. The movie disregards what happened in that film.

Cable was close to being in the film but they chose to wait until Deadpool was on his feet. It sound like if they get to make a sequel Cable will be a part of it.

While the script leaked awhile back, that didn?t stop them from still using it. However, they did make some alterations.

Colossus will be 7ft. 6 inches in the film and to the actor on set is 6 ft. 8 and wore 8 inch heels to look the part on set.

The will not be doing the ?voices in his head? like some of the later Daniel Way Deadpool comics and the Deadpool video game.

Deadpool was filmed with digital cameras with no plan for 3D while filming

Thought they wanted to keep the feel of a superhero movie, they tried to keep the moves and action of the fight sequences very grounded in reality.

Miller said that Colossus is the gateway drug into the rest of the X-Man universe and he plays the straight man to Deadpool.

And for those who want to see the Deadpool Red Band trailer over and over again until the movie comes out, watch below until your eye gouges out:

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