?Deadpool Movie? Sequel Rumours: Deadpool 2 To Replace Fantastic Four 2? Cable Might Star Alongside Ryan Reynolds

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A Deadpool 2 movie starring Ryan Reynolds is already rumored to replace a Fantastic Four sequel after an unsuccessful showing of the F4 reboot at the box office.

According to the Daily Super Hero, an insider has told them that the penciled Fantastic Four 2 release on June 9, 2017 will not push through. There are also discussions that 20TH Century Fox will replace the spot with Deadpool 2.

This rumor seems to be true as the Fantastic Four 2015 reboot only earned an estimated $26.2 out of the predicted $40 million at the U.S. box office, CNN reported. The Fantastic Four film was also bombed by critics as it garners an average rating of 8 out of 100 percent, a notch lower than the original film which stands at 27 percent.

Creative differences also looks to have marred the film to its downfall as the Fantastic Four reboot director said his original vision wasn?t realized.

Deadpool Hype Garners Possible Sequel

While the Deadpool movie has yet to be released and despite the film being R-rated, the film has generated a big buzz as numerous people appreciated the rare superhero humor of the Merc with a Mouth.

According to a report by Birth.Movies.Death, a Fox employee told them that the Deadpool movie is exciting people so much from 20th Century Fox that they are already brainstorming for a sequel.

Further proof for a Deadpool 2 was dropped by Director Tim Miller when he told Empire that the hype they caused at Comic-Con has caught the attention of Fox. ?Fuck, now we really have to deliver! We were kind of under the radar before, at least within Fox. That?s all over now??

Deadpool 2 Includes Cable?

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers  aka Cable. Photo courtesy of Marvel.com.

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers aka Cable. Photo courtesy of Marvel.com.

Birth.Movies.Death reported that one of the ideas for the sequel includes starring Cable, a time-traveler who is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyn Prior (Jean Grey?s clone).

Miller also jokingly told Empire that they need to introduce Cable if a sequel is to be made. ?There aren?t really many definitive Deadpool villains, apart from Cable,? Miller said. ?If we don?t put Cable in Deadpool 2 I think we?ll be run out of town on a rail.?

Deadpool 2 in 2017?

The Deadpool sequel needs to start filming before June 2016 to meet the Fantastic Four sequel’s?2017 release date, Cinemablend reported. The film would need to commit to a sequel as early as now to meet the deadline, they reported.

It looks like Deadpool will no longer be a niche character like Marvel?s Guardians of The Galaxy. X-Men Apocalypse director Bryan Singer has previously said he is planning to merge the Fantastic Four with the?X-Men. Will this mean that Deadpool will also be filling the F4 gap?

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