Deadpool Movie Preview Initial Reactions: Merc With The Mouth Impresses First Viewers Overall, What Is The Walking Dead Connection?

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?Deadpool? has officially made its ?pre-debut? and as predicted, everyone who watched the film liked it very much. Fox organized a special screening for selected fans in New York City and Los Angeles for the highly-anticipated movie and surprising as it may seem, the studio actually screened an ?unfinished? version of the film, according to Screenrant.

In the video, Eliot and Ricky from ETC News shared the positive reviews from the special screening of ?Deadpool.? New York City fans were able to watch the screening with star Ryan Reynolds, while director Tim Miller joined the Los Angeles viewers.

Creator of the popular ?Walking Dead? series Robert Kirkman even compared it to ?Shaun Of The Dead,? of course from the comedic standpoint and not the zombie effects point of view.

One person even went as far as saying that it was one of his favorite Marvel movies of all time. But like any other dedicated Marvel fan would say, that statement could be a bit overboard. Technically, ?Deadpool? is not a Marvel movie, and there are several Marvel movies in the running before ?Deadpool? can even be considered an all-time favorite. Of course the reviews shouldn?t be taken too seriously since the Deadpool preview was only shown to fans and ?online influencers.?

But it?s not surprising that the fans and personalities invited at the special screening gave it a positive review since it can?t officially be called a great film unless you bring in the big guns. And according to Collider, it will definitely be curious to see what happens when the real critics come in and share their thoughts on the upcoming film.

We can only wait in agony as ?Deadpool? marches its way to the big screens on Feb. 12.

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