Deadpool Movie Official Teaser: Movie Trailer Release Date, Plot, Rare Marvel Sense Of Humor Revealed

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Ryan Reynold?s Deadpool just teased his upcoming Red Band trailer in his latest teaser trailer (WHAT?!). The latest trailer proves that the Marvel comic-turned movie by 20th Century Fox is worthy of the hype from fans as Ryan Reynolds delivers a comedic and breaking the 4th wall experience from the Merc with a mouth.

The 44 second teaser is purely narrated by Deadpool himself as he throws curses and real life references by making stabs at the Deadpool actor Reynolds and 20h Century Fox, the studio behind the X-Men movies. ?One man must stand alone against the forces of darkness. From the studio that inexplicably won?t shut his mouth for the first time comes five time academy award viewer Ryan Reynolds…,? the mercenary narrated.

The teaser trailer is meant to tease the full-blown action packed R-rated trailer tomorrow on Conan. A family friendly trailer will release alongside the release of the Fantastic Four movie this August 7, IGN reported.

The trailer previously shown at Comic Con San Diego (SDCC) was the most full-fledged look at the R-rated movie viewers got to see so far. The previous trailer was chucked with tons of F-bombs, sex, and tacked-on comedy featuring the merc with the mouth. ?The red band trailer may feature more of the 2015 SDCC footage that most fans didn?t get to watch (if you didn?t bother with the low res leaked footage).

The movie will tell an origin story of Special Forces operative Wade Wilson who was brutally experimented upon, but in the process, it enabled him to gain invincibility and healing powers as well as an alter ego named Deadpool.

The movie will also star Morena Baccarin (Copycat), Gina Carano (Angel Dust), T.J. Miller (Weasel), Ed Skrein (Ajax), and Andre Tricoteux (Colossus)

Deadpool will release in the U.K. on February 5, 2016, while Australia and the US will follow suit in February 11 and 12 respectively.


The new trailer is out!

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