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?Deadpool Movie? Latest Update: New Promotional Photo Released, Spiderman Humor Vs R-Rated Humor In Movie Revealed!

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With the new Deadpool movie looming over us and getting ready to premier early next year, 20th Century Fox has released yet another teaser image for the much-anticipated film. The new photo shows our ?anti-hero? in mid-air with two guns each on his hands, with the left hand firing. Fans who watched the recently released trailer will recognize the image as a scene from which Deadpool takes out three enemies with just an amazing one shot.


Photo from 20th Century Fox

And for those who think the teaser images from Deadpool are easy enough to get you to watch the movie, the added comedic touch of Ryan Reynolds and the humorous antics of Deadpool from the comic book may even make you watch the movie in the big screen more than once. Ed Skrein, who?ll portray Deadpool?s enemy Ajax, recently shared about numerous amusing references to prominent people including names such as Harry Styles, David Beckham, and even Prince Charles. It was even reported that the actors in the movie were free to pitch-in their own jokes, making the movie unique in its own way.

Spider-man humor vs. R-rated humor

With Deadpool’s crazy sense of humor and no regards ?for taking anything seriously, the upcoming movie may definitely be one for Marvel’s books. The ‘Merc with a Mouth’ funny antics shows everywhere, especially with Spider-man at his side. And although Spider-Man won’t show up anytime soon in Deadpool’s movie, it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to see the humor we know from the Deadpool-Spidey relationship, shared by MoviePilot.

Good thing the brilliant supporting casts in the Deadpool movie are there to replace Spider-Man’s presence.?T.J. Miller will appear as Deadpool’s friend and information broker Weasel while Leslie Uggams will portray the role of his housekeeper Blind Al. Maybe they’re enough to make Deadpool’s humor fluorish, shared by MoviePilot.

For those who don?t know the origin of Deadpool, he first appeared in the comics ?The New Mutants? in 1991 as a supervillain. The ?Merc with a Mouth? is based on Marvel Comics? psychotic and unstable mercenary, Wade Wilson, who has the ability of accelerated healing and superhuman strength and ability. His abilities came from a top secret experiment gone wrong which left him mutated and created scars all over his body. He then takes a mission to track down the man who was responsible for ruining his life, shared by MoviePilot.

The new Deadpool movie is reportedly scheduled to release on February 12, 2016. For those who haven?t seen the preview, be sure to check out the trailer below.

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