Deadpool Movie Humor Takes Swipe At Harry Styles and David Beckham, Might Cause Fox Lawsuits! Here?s Why

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If you laughed your heart-out from the Green Lantern reference in the Deadpool Red-Band trailer, you?ll be anticipating this film even more as the Merc with The Mouth will be making fun of Harry Styles, David Beckham, and more!

According to Ed Skrein, the actor playing the villain named Ajax in the Deadpool movie, they have churned-out numerous references to real prominent people during the course of the film, Skrein told iDigital Spy.

?We had Harry Styles, David Beckham, we had Prince Charles, we had so many! The funniest part was trying to keep a straight face.?

Skrein said they were free to pitch-in their own jokes and they capitalized on it by making sure that each recorded take was special.

?Ryan is such a comedic genius, and then people like TJ Miller, who had a phenomenal sence of humor, they would make every take so different. We were so free in that aspect.?

Fox Might Be Burdened by Deadpool Movie Humor

20th Century Fox surely seems to be faithfully retaining the charm and humor for The Merc with The Mouth’s?translation into the big screen. With the success and praise the movie has received so far, it seems that marketing is their least concern as Skrein said some of their jokes may have gone out of hand.

?I think it?s going to be a nightmare for the Fox lawyers and a nightmare in the edit, but wonderful for the viewer.”

Deadpool Movie Humor To Rejuvenate Fox?

Fox will surely have a hard time recovering from their disastrous Fantastic Four reboot which was marred by poor reviews, low box office showing, as well as numerous cut-scenes.

According to Moviepilot, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool might save Fox after their terrible showing from Fantastic Four. This R-rated film breathes a fresh for in an industry saturated with superheroes, they reported.

Moviepilot wrote:

?It?s not going to be tasteful, nor do I imagine that it?ll earn any Oscar nominations, but it?s about time that there?s some more variety in the world of Hollywood comic book adaptations.?

The Deadpool release date is slated for February 4, 2016

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