Deadpool Movie Cast Update: Colossus Role Hints Of Crossover With X-Men? Know His Powers And More!

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Excited for the Deadpool movie? Intrigued by the appearance of Colossus in the Deadpool trailer? Well you?re going to be pleased. According to Screen Rant, Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld said Colossus will play a significant role in the film:

?You are going to love Colossus in Deadpool. He?s in it ? I hope Fox doesn?t get mad at me ? he?s in it a good amount. He doesn?t just walk through the movie.”

Colossus had minimal screen-time in the X-Men movies and this will be the character?s first big break in the big screen, Cinemablend reported. Colossus will also have a huge overall impact on the plot, the report said.

Deadpool Crossover With X-Men

Colossus has already appeared in previous X-Men movies and his sizeable appearance in Deadpool might mean that The Merc With The Mouth may eventually team-up with Wolverine and other mutants. The Merc With The Mouth may also team-up with the X-Force or other mutant teams, Screen Rant reported.

Colossus? Powers

Non-comic fans may just think that Colossus? powers is only being strong and invincible. Colossus (real name Piotr Rasputin) has more abilities than what you see with your eyes. Here are all his abilities according to the X-Men Wiki:

  • Organic Steel Transformation: Colossus can convert himself into having a steel-like body at will.
  • Super Strength And Durability: Once in his ?armored form, Colossus possess incredible strength and can lift at least 100 tons. Because of his steel-like body, he can withstand ballistic penetration, intense heat, and head-on collision with almost anything.
  • Superhuman Stamina: In his armored form, Colossus can remain unfatigued for several days. He can even live for a long time without daily nourishment such as food and water.

The Deadpool movie will be released in theaters on February 12, 2016. Deadpool 2 is rumored to replace the Fantastic Four sequel and be released in cinemas sometime in 2017.

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