Deadpool 2 Cancelled? Ryan Reynolds Finally Speaks Up

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Deadpool 2 updates are highly anticipated by fans. Previous reports about the film suggest shocking news and ask: is Deadpool 2 cancelled?

Rumors about the film?s cancellation started when director Tim Miller quit. It was reportedly due to creative differences between him and lead star/producer Ryan Reynolds.

Apart from Miller exiting the sequel to Deadpool, Reynolds recently revealed that he had a nervous breakdown. Fans are afraid that his condition will be one of the reasons for the cancellation of Deadpool 2.

Reynolds Speaks Up

Reynolds finally commented about the controversial exit of Miller. He said he was sad to see him off the film. However, the actor was able to make it clear that they moved on and continued to grow together.

That?s definitely good news for many fans as it is a clear assurance that Deadpool 2 is not cancelled.

The 40-year-old actor also commented about his personal condition. He assured his fans that he has finally recovered.

Deadpool 2 Cancelled?

According to previous reports, Reynolds star went through a depression after Deadpool. He supposedly even consulted a doctor because he made an assumption that he was struggling from a neurological problem. Now it is quite apparent that the actor already regained his confidence and his health is fine.

Moreover, Reynold shared his struggle in bringing Deadpool onto the big screen. He admitted that he struggled in convincing Fox to spend money for an R-rated comic book movie that is not even very popular.

Deadpool earned total box office sales of $786 million. It seems that the actor was shocked and happy at the same that all his efforts have paid off. He reportedly worked for 11 years to get the Marvel adaptation.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters in 2018. Keep it here at TheBitbag for more Deadpool 2 news and updates.

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