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Dead Space 4 Release Not Happening After All?

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Dead Space 4

Dead Space is certainly one of the most successful video game series over the past decade. The first person shooter has become a mainstream success, which is why many fans are excited about the upcoming installment in the series, Dead Space 4. Sadly, it appears that there is a very strong possibility that Dead Space 4 will not be releasing if the rumblings in the video game community are to be believed.

Dead Space and Dead Space 2 were both massive hits for Visceral Games. The first two games started the whole success of the franchise. Unfortunately, things did not go well with Dead Space 3 as it was a flop when it came to the number of sales for the game. Even worse, it appears that the very poor sales numbers of Dead Space 3 could be the final nail in the cancellation of Dead Space 4.

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According to Mobile & Apps, the fact that Dead Space 3 failed to hit the 5 million sales target has caused the developers of the game to stop working on the franchise. This is certainly very sad news as there are still countless gamers hoping for a new Dead Space game?to release?soon.

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At the end of the day, the developers are making the game to earn profit which. That is why it is understandable for Visceral Games and EA to think twice about releasing Dead Space 4 because of the poor sales for the previous game.

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It has been more than 3 years since Dead Space 3 released, which is more than enough time to develop Dead Space 4 had they wanted to. Still, it appears that the chance of the fourth game in the series will actually be?releasing is very slim at the moment. If that is indeed true, fans should take action now to try and get development for the game started.

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A lot can still happen though so fans should keep their fingers crossed that fourth installment in the Dead Space series?will be releasing. Check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Dead Space 4 as well as on other great games releasing soon.

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