Dead Rising 4 Training Manual Locations: Obtain All Manuals To Get New Skills

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Willamette will once again feel the wrath of Frank West in the latest installment of Dead Rising 4. But in order to do so, players must first collect Training Manuals. Here is a little Dead Rising 4 Training Manual guide to help you along the way.

Dead Rising 4 recently became available last December 6 and fans can?t get enough of the latest installment. The game has been available for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 10. Here’s a guide on how to collect all Dead Rising 4 Training Manuals.

Training Manuals and How to Use Them

The great thing about this game’s version of Training Manuals is that it not only enhances Frank?s skills, but also adds new zombie killing moves for the players to use. You can collect them either by purchasing them or you can take the long way and find where they are hiding all over the game. If your are planning to do the latter, then let us help you along the way.

Once you are able to collect them, you will be given specific controller button combinations to follow. Frank can execute those moves once they are mastered which will make even the zombies wish they were dead again.

Where to Find Them

As said above, the manuals are scattered and hidden all over the game.? You need to familiarize yourself with the games terrain and map in order to collect all of them. You can do so by going into every room, street and literally anywhere so that your map can be updated with area names. Here are all the Training Manual locations and their corresponding skills as listed by?Gameranx.

Training Manual NameWhat it DoesWhere to Get It
Inspiring PresenceHealth increase will be given to all friendly survivorsThis is sold at the level 4 North Peak safehouse (found in North Peak)
Final BlowA Skill move will automatically be triggered on the last hit before breaking a melee weapon.In Tetro?s Comics and Collectibles (found in Old Town). It is located in the comic book bins at the back area of the store.
Elemental Critical HitsThis will increase the firepower of ranged weapons with explosive-based critical hits. The range for this attack is also ?larger.Found in the Freebirds Gun Shack?s lounge (found in North Peak)
EvasionAllows Frank to take on an attack with a slight chance of having zero damage.This can be found ?inside Homerunners, across the Rock security company near the upper exit to Caribbean Cove. (found in Willamette Memorial Megaplex)
Melee, Range and Thrown Inventory SlotsIncreases melee, range and thrown weapons inventory by 1This is located on the monitor station of the West Ridge Emergency Shelter, Second floor (found in West Ridge)
Precision TargetingFrank can aim at a specific body part when using a long ranged weapon.This is sold at the Old Town safehouse, level 3 (found in Old Town)
Skill Move EfficiencyThis reduces the amount of hit count needed to perform a skill move.This can be bought at the level 3 Mall safehouse (found in Willamette Memorial Megaplex).
Food Inventory SlotIncreases food inventory slots by two.This can be purchased at the fourth level of West Ridge Safehouse (found in West Ridge)

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Hopefully, there are still more Dead Rising 4 Training Manuals you can collect in the game. Have you found other training manuals that weren’t listed?

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