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Dead Rising 4 Pre-Order Bonus Guide: Where Should You Buy The Game?

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Dead Rising 4

Microsoft has detailed the Dead Rising 4 pre-order bonuses suggesting that there will be unique free content in different stores. The company lists four official sources from where players can pre-order the game. From Amazon to BestBuy, GameStop to Microsoft?s own online store, players have many choices, but the question is where to buy the game from? Here are the details of all the bonuses and benefits you get from each of these stores when you pre-order Dead Rising 4.

Microsoft Xbox Store:Dead Rising 4 Pre order Bonus Microsoft Store

If you are planning to pre-order Dead Rising 4, you will get exclusive X-Fists which can be used in the game. When your character is using the exo-suit, you can use this in-game item to smash the zombies.

Amazon:Dead Rising 4 Pre order Bonus Amazon

As Microsoft is publishing the game, it is including a different exclusive content for players who pre-order the game from Amazon. Those who choose this online store will get a Slicecycle. It is a motorcycle equipped with two chainsaws on both of its sides. The in-game item can be used to slay zombies and clean the path.

BestBuy:Dead Rising 4 Pre order Bonus BestBuy

Buying from BestBuy will get you a Candy Cane Crossbow. According to the official description of this weapon, players can shoot zombies with candy canes.

GameStop:Dead Rising 4 Pre order Bonus GameStop

The exclusive weapon you get from GameStop is a funny one. You get a snowman head called Steampunk Snowman Head. When using this weapon, players can simply throw snowballs at zombies and the balls will freeze the enemies. Players can use the weapon to make them stop and kill them.

Capcom Vancouver will launch Dead Rising 4 on December 6, 2016. The game will arrive on Xbox One and PC. Interested fans can pre-order the game from any of the stores mentioned above. Choosing the right bonuses depends on your needs and whichever you like because each of them will have the limited usage and players will have to use them smartly. The game is available at the price of US$59.99 on all of these stores.

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