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Dead Rising 4: Not A Dead Rising Game?

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The initial excitement for Dead Rising 4 has drained quite a bit. While fans were excited to see Frank West return, the newest installment might have been too simplified. Fans of the previous games will remember how difficult the first two games were, thanks to the timer that pressured the players. Now, that feature has been scrapped, causing fans to get upset.

Some gamers might have complained about the time limit, but some fans dug it. Having a limited amount of time put pressure on the players and made it feel like anything could happen. Either way, some fans feel like the fourth game might not be a ?real? Dead Rising game. It seems like the series is going through an identity crisis.

Deadnasty Warriors

With the timer gone, fans are worried that Dead Rising 4 will feel like a Dynasty Warriors game. Though titles like Dragon Quest: Heroes were able to make the ?Warriors? genre feel fresh, most games like these feel very repetitive. Dead Rising’s combat might not have much depth, but having a timer made the simplistic combat feel necessary, since players were in a hurry. This also makes the photography easier, which will either please or displease fans.

Other changes that have displeased fans?include replacing Frank West’s voice actor and the sillier tone. While the games have never been too serious, the increased silliness shows the game’s big identity crisis. People loved the first two games because players were doing dramatic moments while wearing silly costumes, which is where the humor came from. Now, it might as well be Saint’s Row with zombies.

Dead Hope?

Now that fans feel negatively about Dead Rising 4, one has to wonder how it will do when it comes out. Capcom might have a trick up their sleeve to entice gamers, but longtime fans seem to be disappointed. Will the series become a Resident Evil 6-style sequel that tries too hard to please the masses? Fans can only hope that the final product should be much better.

There’s way more reasons why fans are dissappointed with the latest game in the series. YouTuber CrowbCat has made a video showing almost all the reasons fans are frustrated with the yet to be released title.

Dead Rising 4 comes out on December 6, making it one of the last games of 2016. Capcom has also re-released the first two Dead Rising games on current-gen consoles to celebrate the latest release. Right now, the game is an Xbox One and PC exclusive.

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