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Dead Rising 4 Maniacs Vs Psychopaths: What’s The Difference?

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Dead Rising 4 has seemingly replaced the previous game’s Psychopaths and have replaced them with the Maniacs. Continuing the zombie genre’s tradition of making humans more dangerous than the flesh-eating corpses, Maniacs act as optional bosses. Much like the Psychopaths from older games, these are expected to be difficult fights.

However, The Maniacs have left a bad taste on the mouths of several Dead Rising fans. According to IGN, these foes are supposed to be similar to Frank, in that they’re hardcore survivors. Of course, they lost their sanity and now have thugs who do their bidding. Think Negan, but in a Football uniform or an armor from the Middle Ages.

Maniacs VS Psychopaths

In a Dead Rising 4 discussion on Reddit, fans argued on who were the better villains. A number of them seem to prefer the Psychopaths since they actually had backstories and personality. Judging from the video, they just seem to be ?crazy? joke characters that fit the game’s B movie tone. Unsurprisingly, this has ticked off some fans.

It should be noted that the game doesn’t come out till December. For all fans know, these Maniacs might have their own backstories. Plus, the Dead Rising games never took themselves too seriously. Sure, they had melodramatic dialogue, but there was humor in seeing a man in a speedo destroy zombies with a crazy weapon combination.

Old Fans VS New Fans

Most fans seem to agree that Dead Rising 4 is made more for newer fans rather than veteran followers. The series losing its in-game clock and going full B movie has seemingly proven this fact. While it still looks fun, the game runs the risk of being repetitive like a Dynasty Warriors game. Here is hoping that Capcom proves its doubters wrong.

Dead Rising 4 comes out on Xbox One and Windows PC on December 6 and can also be pre-ordered. There is no word on a PS4 version, though it might come out next year since the game has been described as a temporary exclusive to Microsoft. Currently, fans can purchase the Microsoft exclusive Dead Rising 3, along with remastered versions of the first two games on PS4 and Xbox One.

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