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Dead Rising 4: Honest Game Trailers Thrashes Capcom’s New Direction

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Dead Rising 4 has been a subject of controversy for fans of the Capcom series. There has been a bit of a negative reception to the game’s new tone, as it went from B-Movie camp to self aware satire. Not helping were the number of features removed that made the Dead Rising series feel unique to other zombie games.

It seems like Smosh Games feels the same, as their Honest Games Trailer for the title isn’t too kind. While they acknowledge that the gameplay is fun, they did call it a mediocre Dead Rising title. Fans will likely love the video as it tears the game apart bit by bit, similar to the way Frank West kills some of the zombies.

Beating An Undead Horse

One of the harsher criticisms the video lobs at Dead Rising 4 is the lack of anything new and creative.?The game is set in the same area as the first title, and players must simply kill zombies with Frank West once again. The video also mocks the selfie feature since it does not make up for the lack of new features.

The fourth entry also lost what made the?series unique in the first place. What makes the game feel worse are the number of original mechanics removed. The timer is gone, so players no longer feel pressured to finish campaigns and hopefully do the right thing. Sadly, the co-op campaign has also been removed, making the title a bad one for those that love couch co-op games.

Power To The West

Dead Rising 4 also overpowers players from the get go. Instead of slowly discovering powerful weapon combinations, the game gives players strong weapons right away. Once again, this takes away some of the strategy in previous titles, making it more arcadey and Dynasty Warriors-esque.

That?s not to say it can?t be fun. The Honest Games Trailer does discuss how wicked the new weapons vehicles and super armor are. Too bad the latter has really weak battery life and can even lead the player to disaster if he or she isn?t careful.

Dead Rising 4 is now available on Xbox One and Windows PC. Much like Dead Rising 3, it appears to be a Microsoft exclusive.

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