Dead Rising 3 PS4 Release After Remastered Collection?

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Dead Rising 3

The original Dead Rising will be coming to the PS4, after years of being an Xbox 360 exclusive. The first game will be part of a remastered collection that also features the sequel Dead Rising 2 and the spinoff title Dead Rising: Off the Record. Now that all of these games are coming to Sony?s console, one has to wonder if there will also be a Dead Rising 3 PS4 release.

Fans who have played the third game in the series know that it?s another fun installment, though it is not that different from its predecessors. It?s definitely the best-looking game in the series so far, at least until the fourth game comes out later this year.

Dead Rising 3 was one of the launch titles for the Xbox One and has remained an exclusive to the current-gen console to this day. However, with word going around that Dead Rising 4 will only be a temporary exclusive to the Xbox One, similar to Rise of the Tomb Raider, one has to wonder if Capcom will bring the third game to Sony’s current-gen console.

Since Capcom will be releasing the first two Dead Rising games in a bundle for PS4 and Xbox One, the company could do the same thing for the third and fourth games. It would make the wait for the fourth game less painful and give PS4 owners plenty of bang for their buck.

Will Dead Rising 3 come to PS4?

As of this writing, Capcom has not revealed if they would be bringing the third game to the PS4. It seems like their current goal is to release the other Dead Rising games first. Then again, it’s weird how the fourth game will probably come to the PS4, since it?s a timed exclusive, while the third game might not be.

Dead Rising 3 is currently available on the Xbox One and Windows PC. Whether it gets a PS4 release or not is entirely dependent on Capcom, so the answer is currently up in the air. The Dead Rising collection will be released later this year, so fans who are in the mood for some zombie killing should pick this package up and have a good time.

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