Dead Rising 3 Is Going To Be Ported to PC?

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Dead Rising 3 PC
Dead Rising 3 PC

There?s a big chance, and by big, we mean BIG, that Dead Rising 3 will be heading to the PC. This is according to Steam?s Database.

Recently, a listing under the name of ?Walking? was added to Steam?s database and went live. The striking part is, it featured several Dead Rising 3 logos. Then after just a few hours, it was changed into “SteamDB Unknown App 265550,” and had the images removed.?Fortunately enough, Polygon managed to capture a screenshot before it was all changed up.

There can be a lot of possible speculations on this one. It could easily be a mistake on Steam?s end, by uploading the wrong logo for the wrong game. It could have been for a Walking Dead game, but doing more than one mistake in a game is suspicious enough. Wrong logo and wrong title? Steam?s not likely to do something careless as that, or maybe they have. Nobody knows.

When Polygon reached Capcom and Microsoft for a confirmation statement, Capcom said that there was no official announcement for it, while Microsoft said that they have no statements to announce at this moment. This could mean two different things for fans who are waiting for a PC port of the game. It is either, they ?will? have a plan to port the game to the PC (as they?ve said ?at the moment?), or they really don?t plans to do so. We can only hope that it is not the latter.

Dead Rising 3 is a ?game developed by Capcom Vancouver, and like its predecessors, it will be an open-world game infested by zombies, hundreds and thousands of them. The first one was only exclusive to Xbox 360 and Wii, while the third one is only for the Xbox One. The only Dead Rising to make its way on PC and PlayStation 3 was the 2nd one and the spin-off, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.

Image Source: Capcom UK

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