Dead Rising 3 Confirmed for PC!

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So the rumors last week were true after all. We first saw the weird ?Walking? title on steam, with the logos for Dead Rising 3. It this was not a straight out tease, why would they remove it ?and answer ?We cannot answer that right now?, if not for the tease of the future port. It is actually coming to the PC.

Dead Rising 3 is finally confirmed to be going to PCs by Capcom and it will be out this summer. It was first launched as an Xbox One exclusive, but the PC version will be out on Steam worldwide, which will feature way better visuals and graphics. The boxed/disc version will be available in Europe.

“PC gamers will be able to experience the hordes of horror at high PC resolutions with fully optimized visuals for the wide screen, upgraded textures on characters, backgrounds and in-game objects.”

Aside from the graphical buff, it will also have some Steam specific added-value, like Steam achievements, cloud service, trading cards, global leaderboards and of course, a full controller support (the recent Xbox One Controller support update is the first to come to mind).

It is not clear, however, if the same DLC would be available, like ?Fallen Angel? and the over the top one called ?Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha?, which will feature a host of characters (or cosplay costumes) from Capcom?s popular titles like Street Fighter, MegaMan, Dark Stalkers,etc.? Too bad we can?t see over the top moves from these DLC, along with the chance to beat up a giant zombiefied M. Bison, but hey, getting it for our beloved PCs couldn?t be more than ?great news as it stands now. We?ll just have to wait for these outrageous (literally) DLCs from Capcom to be ported as well, or hopefully, get exclusive DLCs for the Steam/PC version instead.

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