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Dead Island 2 E3 2017 Appearance Possible, Exclusive Reveal From Deep Silver In June

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Is the sequel E3-bound? [Image from PlayStation]

Twitch is having a very special E3 livestream, with exclusive content appearing there days before the actual E3 gaming event. One of those exclusive reveals will be coming from Deep Silver, and many are hoping it will be Dead Island 2. It’s a game that has been in development for years, with only one awesome trailer and some gameplay footage.

Despite numerous delays and changing developers, publisher Deep Silver is intent in making the highly anticipated Dead Island sequel. If there is any place to show the game off, it would be in E3 or this upcoming livestream. While the exclusive reveal could be for Agents of Mayhem, here is hoping that isn’t the case.

Deader Than Dead Island?

Fan anticipation for Dead Island 2 has been at an all time high, even if the first game wasn’t great. While it wasn’t an awful game, many weren’t too thrilled with it, labelling it as a mediocre zombie game. Despite this, the zombie title did do well in sales, and even got a remastered version for current-gen consoles.

Although it wasn’t great, it did have some fantastic trailers, and the sequel had an even better one. However, it was never followed up on, thanks to the aforementioned developer problem. However, Deep Silver told Eurogamer last Month that they are excited with Dead Island 2’s progress under developer Sumo Digital, and they’ll share new information once they’re ready. The upcoming Twitch livestream reveal could give fans hope about said game, assuming it is announced on June 11.

Agents of Mayhem Reveal?

While fans would love a Dead Island 2 reveal, there’s a good chance that we’re getting Agents of Mayhem instead. The Saints Row-style open-world game has gotten many fans excited, due to the critical success of the Saints Row games. If it ends up being this game, they’ll surely show a live gameplay presentation, since it’ll be out in August.

Admittedly, there are some fans who are tired of zombie games, which is understandable given the amount of undead titles. Very few games have found a way to make this genre unique, and this Dead Island sequel might not do that. Sure, the title could exceed expectations this time, but considering how disappointing the first game was, fans might want to keep calm.

Dead Island 2 has been in development for some time, and should be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Fans interested in the series can get the remastered edition of the first game on the aforementioned gaming systems.

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