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Dead By Daylight Update: Patches For January 2017 And Beyond Detailed By Behavior Interactive

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Dead By Daylight Update

Recently, Behavior Interactive had a livestream about the future Dead By Daylight update. The developers considered some of the fan suggestions to be added to the game. However, some features, buffs and nerfs were also shut down in the stream. Potentially, these updates may roll in as early as the January 2017 update. Here?s what we know so far about the Dead By Daylight patches confirmed in the recent stream.

Dead By Daylight Stream

According to cooljak96?s thread on the Dead by Daylight subreddit, four of the game?s developers discussed the state of the game and what’s coming next for the?last time this 2016. The developers will be taking a holiday break after this stream. The stream talked about general game improvement, and gameplay was also discussed. Meanwhile, the developers also addressed some suggestions and questions from fans in their Twitch Q&A portion.

Buffs and Nerfs

As per the game?s build, the fans may have some particular buffs and nerfs in mind. In the stream, the developers confirmed buffing the Decisive Strike perk, implementing aim assist, and fixing most of the game-breaking errors in the Let It Die build. It?s also been confirmed that the devs are considering buffing useless perks in the game. At best, we may see this happen in a Dead By Daylight update in January.

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Nurse To Be Buffed

Recently, the Of Flesh and Mud update allowed the Nurse killer character to become an incredible threat with the new shared perk from the Hag. Combining the Nurse?s skills with the Hag?s stacking ability, the Nurse would just stack tokens with Devour Hope and enjoy its quick kill perks. Currently, the Nurse has an overwhelming amount of opportunity to tip the match to her favor. Fans asked for a nerf but Behavior Interactive developers actually confirmed a buff to her add-on abilities. We can only hope that the devs somehow nerf the Devour Hope combo with the Nurse.

For now, we?ll have to wait until January to know more about Behavior Interactive?s plans for Dead By Daylight.?

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