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Dead By Daylight Patch: Nurse Rework Soon?

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Dead By Daylight Patch

Recently, Dead By Daylight players have noticed problems with The Nurse killer in the game. Some maps have problems with her Blink ability and her power is sometimes too effective for the survivors to work against. Here?s what we know so far about the recent Nurse issues in the current Dead By Daylight patch.

Nurse Problems

According to Bawsk?s thread on the Dead By Daylight Reddit, the game?s three DLC maps are not optimized for the Nurse. Players on the thread note some difficulty and inaccuracy of the Nurse?s Blink as it doesn?t work correctly on those maps. Reddit User mistar_z speculates that the game?s developers may either be planning a Nurse rework or just her unoptimized as of the current Dead By Daylight patch.

Nurse Smash

Meanwhile, PM_ME_YOUR_BBW_PICS? thread on the Dead by Daylight Reddit showcases some of the Nurse?s strengths with the new Devour Hope killer perk. In?SeegsTV footage, the nurse is seen handling a whole team of survivors and allegedly striking them with one hit. Meanwhile, the Vinc3ntvega footage showed this one hit combo with the Nurse too.

Reddit User PM_ME_YOUR_BBW_PICS notes that players need to get their Devour Hope totem, guard it, and occasionally hook survivors then watch them escape. The Devour Hope perk from The Hag allows the Killer to earn tokens if they witness survivors unhooking their teammates. At five tokens, this allows the Killer to execute survivors if they successfully incapacitate them. Potentially, the Nurse?s Blink ability allows her to teleport, which makes her extremely dangerous if she can kill survivors on the spot. All she needs is to spot and chase a survivor and use her teleport to take them out of the game.

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Despite her strong Blink + Devour Hope combo, The Nurse is currently suffering from a broken Blink ability where it doesn?t work as intended in the game?s DLC maps. Developers can opt to switch her Blink with a leap or fast mobility tool if her Blink proves too difficult to optimize for the new maps. Regardless, Behavior Interactive should reconsider if they want every Killer character to have access to the Devour Hope perk. The perk may potentially break the game with mobility-type killers that execute survivors on the spot. This new perk may also make hooks irrelevant and the game devolving into hex totem hunts and cowering from the killer until the totem is broken.

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