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‘Dead by Daylight’ Launch Trailer Released

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If you have been wanting to try the horror game ‘Dead by Daylight’?before purchasing it, now is your chance to do it. The E3 2016 event is ongoing and according to Yahoo!, fans can head on to booth #F5C in the West Hall Lobby to try the game for yourselves. Also, the game is now available on Steam with a price ranging from $19.99 for the Standard Edition and $29.99 for the Deluxe Edition. Players who wish to get the game can purchase it via Steam.

You can also watch the trailer of ‘Dead by Daylight’?here and see if you can survive being in the game for a longer period of time.

The media has been gushing about the latest horror video game from Starbreeze AB and some of the most notable reviews came from Eurogamer who said ?Dead by Daylight looks in keeping with Starbreeze`s standards and it has the potential to be a cult classic on Steam when it launches on 14th June (at the budget price of ?19.99). It`s a bloody good time alright”. PC Gamer, on the other hand, said ?Dead by Daylight makes you feel like the monster in an R-rated Scooby-Doo?? and Inverse saying ?…trust us, this thing is going to leave you with chills and sweaty palms.?

For new gamers who happen to stumble upon this article and wonder what ‘Dead by Daylight’?is all about, you may be interested to know that the game is about survival from the deathly acts of an unstoppable killer. The game interestingly put the players lives on the line and it?s up to them to search their way out alive. If you?re a fan of horror action movies or series, this might be the perfect game for you.

Previously, ?Dead by Daylight? underwent a closed beta that lasted until the 12 of June (E3 2016 Kickoff date). A previous report by TheBitBag says that although players can try the beta version for free, the setup to join the game posed quite a few challenges for the players.

Do you plan on purchasing ?Dead by Daylight? on Steam soon? What do you think of the launch trailer of the game? For more ‘Dead by Daylight’?news, make sure to check on

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