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Dead By Daylight The Hag: New Killer Coming Soon?

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Dead By Daylight

The Hag in?Dead By Daylight is apparently a new killer which is coming to the survivor horror game. Recently, some fans discovered a resemblance of it in the game?s perks. The screen captured by a player suggest that there will be something called The Hag in the game. The perk reads ?with The Hag, teleport and hit a survivor 6 times.? Other perks highlighted by fans also contain similar descriptions.

Game developer Behaviour Interactive never shared anything about any plans of bringing a new killer in Dead By Daylight. After finding the mentions of ?The Hag,? fans on Reddit started speculating on whether it is a new killer or something else. Fans started believing that the developer wanted the Nurse to be called The Hag, but they removed it.

To clear the rumors regarding the Nurse?s connection with The Hag, the game developer said ?Nurse was never called a Hag. Not by us. (maybe in high-school).? So now that it?s clear that the developer never intended to call Nurse with this name, it means that the theories suggested possibilities of bugs remained unnoticed during the development.

It is being said that the developer will introduce the new killer The Hag anytime soon and the update is in development. According to fans, the new killer will be a witch with the ability to teleport. If it happens, the gameplay will become more challenging for survivors.

There is no official confirmation available about any new killer coming to the game, but fans are suggesting for the developer to bring new characters. Some of the ideas include the ?The Professor? on Reddit, which was appreciated by many. Some fans believe that Behaviour Interactive is bringing something like that in the next Dead By Daylight update.

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