Dead By Daylight DLC: Freddy Krueger Next Killer After Michael Myers?

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Dead by Daylight DLC

Recently, Dead by Daylight received John Carpenter?s Halloween movie monster, Michael Myers, as a playable killer. However, three unspecified updates were found on the game?s Steamdb page. Potentially, the mystery update could be another horror movie character like Freddy Krueger or just another set of bug fixes and cosmetic changes. Here?s what we know so far about the upcoming Dead by Daylight DLC.

Three Mystery DLC

As seen on the game?s Steamdb page, three unspecified Dead By Daylight DLC has just been added. Two unspecified DLCs were also added last week. Potentially, this could be a new character or just a new set of major updates.

Freddy Krueger Possibility

Last month, Halloween?s Michael Myers was added as a Dead by Daylight DLC character. The character?s likeness to its counterpart in the movie can be seen. Potentially, other movie characters like the Jeepers Creepers? Creeper and A Nightmare on Elm Street?s Freddy Krueger may have a chance to be playable in the game. We?ll have to wait for Behavior Interactive?s next official announcement to know if they?re going to add another character or not.

Gun Media?s Friday the 13th game may likely have Freddie Krueger as it already has Jason Voorhees. Previously, Krueger and Voorhees starred in the ?Freddy vs Jason? movie where they both hunted down their victims and fought each other. It might be best to have a ?Freddy vs Jason? mode where the killer players compete for the number of kills in the game.

Unlikely Release

Potentially, Dead by Daylight devs may not release a next character as they?ve just released Michael Myers. These characters also cost money for copyright. Fans may have to wait for a few months before the next Dead by Daylight DLC character comes in. For now, let?s hope that the Halloween DLC earns enough for the developers to get rights for another Slasher film monster to be playable in the game. Stay updated with more Dead by Daylight news here on The BitBag.

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