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Dead By Daylight Chapter 3: Ace Perks, The Hag, And All New Features In Update 1.3.1

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Dead By Daylight Chapter 3

Recently, Behavior Digital released the new ?Of Flesh and Mud? Dead By Daylight Chapter 3 update. It Includes the Backwater Swamp area, the new survivor Ace, and a new killer called ?The Hag?. ?Here?s what we know so far about the new update 1.3.1 in the Dead By Daylight Chapter 3 release.

Of Flesh and Mud

According to the update?s official site , the new Dead By Daylight Chapter 3 update pits the players against the killer in a drained swamp. Similar to previous updates, the new area comes with a new playable survivor and killer. However, players will have to buy the DLC to unlock this game?s content.

New Survivor Ace

As noted on the official site, Ace is a lucky gambler, but his unfortunate situation in the game is ironic to his character. His perks mirror mostly on his luck, optimism and awareness due to his background as a gambler. Ace works great as a supportive tool for the survivor?s team as his luck allows him to get better items from chests, apply his great luck to nearby teammates and have improved detection on the killer?s actions.

Ace is perfect to give to new players due to his comforting passives while experienced players will often frustrate killers due to his good perks. However, losing him early in the match might be devastating as you?ll lose his luck passives if he?s out of the game.

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The Hag

The average-sized ?The Hag? is the new killer of the new Dead By Daylight Chapter 3 update. ?Players may mistake her as a survivor due to her size and form. Her abilities allow her to teleport to her activated traps and her attacks block out auras of other characters. Additionally, she can use Hex totems to debuff survivors? capacity to fix generators or buff herself with the totems. The totems must be broken to lose its effects.

Despite her inclusion, players find The Hag to be a weak Killer in Dead By Daylight. According to 555?s thread on Steam Discussion, some players actually found her useless. In hindsight, The Hag needs some strategic placement of her totems if she wants to keep her buffs. If she loses all of her totems, she may get an immense difficulty on hunting down the survivors. Experienced players may already have some tactics towards losing Killers so The Hag may suffer if she doesn?t have a movement speed buff to catch survivors.

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