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Dead By Daylight Celebrates Anniversary With Free Killer, Map, And More New Content

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Dead by Daylight
Source: Dead by Daylight: 1 Year Anniversary Recap video

Dead by Daylight has just celebrated its first anniversary this June 19. More than just a greeting, Behavior Interactive released a new map for free. The developers also promised a new expansion that will also be released for free soon.

New Map

Behavior Interactive discussed in the Steam Discussion that the Groaning Storehouse map is their free Anniversary map. The new map features an abandoned warehouse where metal processing tools were supposedly used to cook its workers alive. This seems like a standalone map as it has no killer paired with it at the moment.

Next Expansion

The announcement also featured some information about the next Dead by Daylight expansion. The developers are working for a full expansion including a new killer, survivor, and a map other than the Groaning Storehouse. So far, the only information is the killer’s silhouette who seems to have upright ears like a rabbit or hound. The expansion will also be given out for free as the developers want to thank their fans for supporting their game.

New killer teased by Behavior Interactive

Release Dates

So far, the Groaning Storehouse is now available for fans to play in the live servers. However, the developers just left a vague “stay tuned” note regarding the next expansion’s release date. The previous expansion DLC, Shock of Madness, was just released last May which makes it understandable if it’s not released this month. As per Behavior Interactive’s suggestions, players could opt to stalk its Steam Discussion forums and their official social media like Twitter to know more about these next updates.

Dead By Daylight’s First Year

So far, Behavior Interactive’s game has just reached its first anniversary with good success. They were able to deliver a fresh game through mixing competitive systems and horror elements. The game was still interesting even though their releases had snags on the way like the Nurse’s absurd strength with hex totems and the Doctor’s inefficiency against skilled players.

Currently, Dead by Daylight’s rival, Friday the 13th The Game, had a bug-ridden launch. Potentially, the rivalry between these two might not be about comparing content but about game stability. These games have experienced server and gameplay issues that almost broke their game communities apart. We’ll just have to wait what will these two games offer this year and beyond. Stay updated with more Dead by Daylight news here on The Bitbag.

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