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Dead by Daylight Update: New Survivor Perk And More New Tweaks Revealed In Latest Developer Stream

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Dead by Daylight Update
Source: Dead by Daylight: Launch Trailer

Recently, Behavior Interactive announced the next Dead by Daylight update content and changes through a livestream. The developers revealed one new Survivor perk and other changes in the upcoming update. The developers also answered some fan questions about the next Dead by Daylight content.

New Survivor Perk

As seen on cooljak96’s transcription of the Dead by Daylight #44 livestream, the developers announced the Technician perk for the next Dead by Daylight update. It allows players to muffle the noise of the repairs up to 8 meters and can give a 50% chance to prevent repair failure explosions. It was also noted that this new perk seems to be attached to a new character in the game.

Good for New Players

Due to the Technician perk’s effects, new players can rely on this bonus to keep them relevant even if they’re currently bad at the game. Players equipped with this perk can be sent to focus on repairing generators while other players distract the killer away from him.  However, killers may particularly target Survivors who obviously show that they have this perk.

Other Changes

The developers also mentioned other changes aside from the Survivor perk. The No One Escapes Death Killer perk is planned to be changed into a Hex totem. This perk allows the Killer to do one-hit incapacitations once the Survivors activates the area exit. Binding this perk to a hex totem allows players to prevent the Killer from getting this perk if they’re able to find and break its totem in the match.

Character Reworks

Additionally, Behavior Interactive has confirmed some character changes after the next chapter update. Players pointed out that the Hag and Wraith aren’t played around Rank 17.  The confirmed Killer characters to be changed are the Nurse, Hag, Trapper, Hillbilly and possibly more. At best, these changes won’t make it on the upcoming Dead by Daylight update.

No News About The Next Killer

A fan also asked about the next Killer character if it’ll be a teacher, nun, or priest. The developers responded with a “no”, which obscures any hints of the next character.

The last Killer addition, The Hag, was released last December 2016 as part of the “Of Flesh and Mud” DLC. Players may want a new Killer character as it has already been three months since a new one was introduced. Stay updated with more Dead by Daylight news here on TheBitBag.

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