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Dead by Daylight Update 1.5 Live, New Killer And Map DLC Coming Soon

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Dead by Daylight update 1.5
Source: #48 “Daaaaammmnnn you freeze!!” Dead By Daylight Twitch livestream

Dead by Daylight update 1.5 has recently gone live. Gameplay balances and general system improvements have been confirmed in this new update. Since the update has already been released, the next DLC containing the new map and playable Killer could be coming soon as promised.

Dead By Daylight Update 1.5

The developers confirmed that some of the upcoming Dead By Daylight update 1.5 patch notes in last week’s Twitch livestream. The new updates have gameplay balances, Bloodlust perk nerfs per killer, and user interface changes. The update 1.5 is now live and its full patch notes are available on the Dead by Daylight Steam Discussion forums.

After Update 1.5 Comes The Next DLC

Previously, the developers have promised that the next DLC will come out soon after Dead By Daylight update 1.5 becomes available. Since update 1.5 is already live, we’ll just have to wait for the new map and killer DLC release.

New Map and Killer

Last week’s livestream also revealed details about the new map and killer. The new map will be set in a large abandoned Chinese hospital. Most of the hospital map’s new areas are set indoors, which means many tight spaces for both the Killer and Survivors.

However, only one of the killer’s new abilities have been seen on the stream and not its whole character model. Apparently, the killer can shock the survivors with electricity. The full effects of this electric ability are still unknown, but survivors can still move even after getting shocked a few times. The new abandoned Chinese hospital could definitely be this new killer’s area as many electronics are still functioning inside even though it has long been abandoned.

Update 1.5’s Changes

Dead by Daylight update 1.5’s coverage alone could allow it to be considered a major patch. The new patch spans from a new HUD status effect display, controller support, Korean and Japanese language, User Interface version 2 and a long list of balance changes. Gameplay fixes have also been confirmed in this patch too.

Gameplay Balances

The new patch includes many tweaks for both Killer and Survivor perks to make them more manageable to play with and against. The Bloodlust nerfs on Wraith, Michael Myers, Nurse and Hag will make sure that the speed boost won’t be as effective if they use their movement abilities. Meanwhile, other perk tweaks, passives turned to hex totem passives, and even Survivor nerfs can be found in this update. Overall, this patch will make Dead by Daylight’s overall gameplay fresh again if it works out fine.

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