Dead by Daylight Spark of Madness DLC: New Survivor Perks, Indoor Map, And Everything We Know So Far

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Dead by Daylight Spark of Madness DLC
Source: Dead by Daylight: Spark of Madness Trailer video

The new Dead by Daylight “Spark of Madness” DLC trailer has just been released. The expansion brings new content like new survivor perks, an indoor map, and new playable characters. Here’s what we know so far about the new Dead By Daylight Spark of Madness DLC.

New Map, Killer, and Survivor

As per the new Spark of Madness DLC trailer, Dead By Daylight receives the new Lery’s Memorial Institute map, The Doctor killer, and a Chinese survivor named Feng Min. The new map is confirmed to be an abandoned hospital and will have more indoor parts than the other maps. Meanwhile, the new Killer, The Doctor, is confirmed to have two states where he can hit survivors to death or inflict a debuff on them. Lastly, Feng Min is a Chinese e-sports player with her perks focused on repairing generators, detecting Killers sabotaging generators, and escaping Killers. We’ll have to wait for the patch notes to see any changes that are coming with this new expansion.

Intentionally Broken

According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s exclusive interview with the developers, game director Mathieu Cote said that they intend to break the game with each new killer. Apparently, the Doctor has two modes called “Punishment” and “Treatment”. The “Punishment” mode is similar to the Trapper killer where he can hit survivors until they’re down. Meanwhile, the “Treatment” mode makes the Doctor emit electricity around him that applies a “Madness” debuff on a survivor.

Having enough Madness stacks will cause the afflicted survivors to randomly shout, which reveals their position and even have an erratic interface. Survivors with too many Madness stacks will start getting sound cues of a nearby killer even if there is none. They’ll also start having weird skill check button placements.

Cote notes that The Doctor is “fun to play” as you’re directly messing with other players’ gameplay with his abilities. In a way, The Doctor is somewhat “broken” in balance due to his annoying abilities.

New Survivor Perks

The new survivor perks from Feng Min focuses on two generator passives and one escape passive. The Technician perk allows a survivor to be less noisy when fixing generators and cancel out a failed skill check. Meanwhile, the Alert perk allows a survivor to detect the killer if they’re sabotaging progress on a generator. Lastly, the Lithe perk gives a survivor a speed boost after vaulting over objects if the killer is chasing them.

Indoor Map

The developers have long confirmed that the new Dead By Daylight map is going to have more indoor sections than usual. However, a new map that’s mostly indoors means nothing without a few perks for both Killers and Survivors. Killers and Survivors will have to work with tight spaces, doorways, and corridors toward their goal. Apparently, the new map also features dimly lit portions of this map which are unreliable hiding spots from the Killer. Survivors  can only hope they don’t get noticed in dark areas.

Release Date

The trailer confirms that the Dead By Daylight Spark of Madness DLC is scheduled for release this May 11. Players don’t have to wait long to start trying out this new. Stay updated with more Dead By Daylight news here on The BitBag.

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